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Hey, this is Mike from In this video I wanted to talk to you about one of the services that we offer for our clients, which is setting up an ecommerce website.

Now there’s a few different advantages to ecommerce. It’s a little bit unique versus other businesses. So the first one is when you have it set up, you can actually set it and forget it. In other words it’s a very minimal time to maintain it and keep it going.

There’s a lot of people that do this and set it up and they work a five hour or 10 hour work week in order to keep it going. Now that’s not the initial case, but it’s very feasible to set it up and to do that.

The second thing is basically sending an ad to an offer and what that means is you’re not so focused on what most businesses have to do, which is educate and inform and all that stuff.

Instead, you’re simply running an offer from an ad to have new traffic come in all the time and because of that, this gets very easy and that’s the third thing that’s important that the office is now you can scale it.

So when you get an offer in, for example, your front end offer that converts very well, a lot of times that’s going to be a free plus shipping offer, you know, get this necklace that’s worth 20 bucks for free, all you have to do is pay for shipping.

Once they enter in their address and stuff, it says, “Hey, it’s $6.95 for shipping” and your cost for the product and shipping is just like $2.

You’re actually making money to build the lead and then you could use some of the other things that we talked about in previous videos in order to increase your sales and your conversions, like, “Hey, would you like a second necklace? All you have to do is pay five bucks for the shipping and we’ll add it to your order” as well as one time offers, things like that.

So, the last thing is the resale value on ecommerce sites is very high because people can simply look at your numbers.

They can look at how much time you have involved. They can look at your suppliers, they can look at your customer support, which a lot of times is just one person and they can see how they could buy that and take over and you know, a lot of times if people build a business like this, they start out thinking, oh, I just want to keep it forever because it makes me 20 or 50 grand a month, but if your lifestyle changes or you know, maybe health issues come or you want to move to another country or whatever it is, well, when you have an ecommerce site that’s been done properly from the start, where you’ve actually documented your finances and you show the ads and things like that, you can sell it a lot of times for 10 times what you make in a month.

So if you make, for example, $10,000 a month and then you’re talking about selling it for $80,000 or a $100,000.

So it can be a great surge of income.

If you’re looking to do some other types of investment or maybe make a second website, and just have a good jump on it, for paying for inventory and things like that.

It’s really up to you, but if you have questions about setting up an ecommerce site or you’d like to find out how we can help you improve yours, just give us a call toll free at 1-888-398-1616.

Otherwise, click on the contact link above to get in touch with us through our support desk and again, if you have any comments or questions, just add them below the video and I’ll be happy to talk to you soon.

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