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Hey, this is mike from Phat Web Design. Today I wanted to talk to you about the three things that will absolutely catapult your business is sales. These are very basic principles and this is the 30 mile high view and we actually go into this in depth on You can get either a free checklist to show you how to create a professional website or you can get a free marketing blueprint, which is the principles that we’re talking about today.

So those three things, will actually minimize your risk in business. And if you’re thinking, well, gosh, I don’t want to have any risk. The fact of the matter is a reality of life is, and this is straight from Robert kiyosaki, who wrote the Book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, is that in business there is always going to be risk. But smart marketers or smart investors are looking for calculated risk.

They’re looking to minimize their risk as much as possible. So what we want to do is these three things. The first is we want to have more people seeing our offer. Another term for this is more traffic. The more often that that happens, especially in an affordable price, the more sales we’re going to get. It’s pretty common sense. But most people, most business owners only focus on that one element and they really increase their risk and the decrease their profits by not focusing on the second two. So the second one after getting more traffic, is to get more profit per customer. Okay. or per transaction. So you might think of this as kind of greedy when you hear that, like, I’m just going to charge more, but actually what we’re talking about is having a custom solution for the people that can afford it.

Maybe it’s done for you, maybe it’s done with you, maybe it’s the pro version. Maybe it’s a where we help teach you how to do it. Whatever it is. If you’re not offering more than one solution for your clients at the time of purchase, then you’re leaving money on the table and you’re leaving customer satisfaction behind. Because there are going to be people that are going to be in a situation where to have more money than time or they’re just busy. Like you probably run your own business. You’re probably putting out fires every day.

If somebody said, look, I can get this result for you, it’s going to cost twice as much but you don’t have to touch it. You don’t have to deal with it, you don’t have to worry about it this time tomorrow it’ll be done. A lot of people will jump on that and be happy to do it and be happy to.

You offered it to make sure that you have at the time of sale an alternative that you can offer in order to make things quicker or easier for your customers. Now we’ve got more traffic, we’ve got more profit at the time of sale and then we have the third one which is more frequent sales. Okay, so the most logical one for this is going to be some type of a membership or a monthly service, but if you don’t offer it, you don’t know him. And most businesses don’t realize that they actually have the possibility to do this.

And if you think about it, you might have the type of business, let’s say you own a bakery, people come in and they buy a loaf of bread and that’s it. Well, what if you created some kind of a punch card or you had some kind of a monthly membership where, hey, as long as you’re paying 10 bucks a month, then you’re saving, you know, 10% on all of your orders.

If you look at, a great example of this is Amazon prime, okay? For 10 bucks a month or eight bucks a month, whatever it is, you get pre secondary shipping and you also get access to things like, their, their movies or videos and music, right?

There’s other benefits too. But the main thing is free secondary shipping, two day shipping. So what Amazon has found is that the people that have Amazon prime tend to spend way, way, way more money than the people that just go to Amazon occasionally to buy. Okay? So they make that an irresistible offer or a highly valuable offer in order to get people on their membership, which gives him that revenue, but it also increases their ongoing revenue.

So if you have challenges with figuring out a way to add frequency to your sales, feel free to give us a call at (888) 398-1616.

You’ll talk to me personally in order to strategize how you can leverage this tactic for your business, because it’s huge. So if you think about it, once you have these three things in place of more traffic, more profits, and more frequency, now your advertising costs are almost irrelevant because you have so much more money coming in on a regular basis from each visitor.

So I hope this helps you, enjoyed it, make sure you sign up for updates at Please share this with a friend. Anyone you think that might get some benefit from increasing their sales, increasing their profits and lowering their risks. And again, if you have any questions or challenges or you’re interested in having us help you with your website or automating sales, give us a call at (888) 398-1616 thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon.

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