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Hey, this is Mike from Phat Web Design dot com and in this video we’re going to share with you the three things that we focus on when it comes to a web design and how we help our clients and how it actually been doing that for almost two decades now. So the first thing is that your site actually looks professional. It’s got to have clean images. It’s gotta be easy to navigate, be easy to see that you are an authority in whatever it is that you’re doing.

If you look at our site, there’s no question about how to get in touch with us, things like that. So the main thing is it’s got to look professional. The second thing that we’re actually focused on that a lot of people don’t realize or don’t think about, or are even aware about is the time that it takes for your site to load.

If you go to Google and you do a search for this or research this as far as how fast your website should be. If your website is seven seconds or longer, you’re going to lose a majority of your visitors. In other words, from when they type in your URL and hit enter, it takes more than seven seconds, you’re going to lose. So our standard for our clients is five seconds as a minimum. Okay. every second past seven seconds, you’re going to lose like 10% of your visitors. So our actual website at phatwebdesign.com, if you do a search, and I’ll actually share with you, in the description below, the *website that you can test it for free, is somewhere between 1.6 seconds all the way up to 3.3 seconds. That depends on time of day and all that, as far as if there’s a lot of people on the site or doing searches for it or whatever, but well under four seconds.

And our standard when we do it for clients is under five seconds and then the third thing, and this is something that we discussed before we ever even take on a new client, is whether or not we can help you monetize your site. Because if you have a great looking website and it loads quickly, but you’re not making any money from it, then it’s actually a really unwise investment. The only exception for this is if you have an established business, let’s say you’re a dentist, you’ve been around for 30 years, you already have repeat clients and you don’t do any advertisement because you’re already filled up for the next few years. Then yeah, you could just do a website.

If it looks professional and loads quickly in order to have what’s called a digital brochure online where people can find out your hours, how to reach you, how to contact you online, things like that.

That’s fine. But most people, most businesses, they need to know how to make money online. And if you don’t start out the conversation with your web designer about your goals and what you actually want to accomplish from your website, then you’re really going to lose out.

So, we would love to have a conversation with you. It’s 100% free to sit down and have that first initial conversation with us. You can call us toll free at 1-888-398-1616 and talk about what exactly you have in mind for your website. And what we’ll do is, we’ll do a couple different things. First is we’ll see whether or not we can actually help you get those results. If we can’t, there’s no point in continuing the conversation.

Second is to see if we’re a good fit and we actually enjoy working together.

And third is we’ll see if the investment makes sense for where you’re at right now because people are going to be at different stages, whether they’re just getting started or you know, they’re doing great and just want to ramp it up.

So give us a call, let us know. Otherwise you can reach out to us through our support desk at the contact link above. And I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the video below or in the comments below.

Thanks so much.

*http://gtmetrix.com (Test your website speed for free)

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